clients want more now.

As you know, it’s no longer ok to just create a gorgeous space. A beautiful room is something clients just think is a given when hiring you. “They’re a designer. That’s just what they do.” But that’s not enough. Clients now want, and expect, more from you. They want to know what level of service you provide. They want streamlined processes. Understandable timelines and budgets. Fulfilled promises. A real connection.

They want, an experience. An experience that’s unique, personalized, and unforgettable.

even if your clients already love you

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “We already give our clients a great experience. Our clients love us. And we rarely get complaints.” But even if that’s true, maybe there’s a way to improve upon that experience? A way to make clients even happier, decrease their stress, and yours, get even more repeat projects and referrals, and open up new revenue streams.

But how?

By asking your clients very specific questions through a survey. The kind of questions that get you real feedback. Not just, “Everything was great.” 

Client Surveys

Client surveys can get all your questions, and more, answered for you. If you ask the right questions, in the right way. Because getting honest feedback from clients is like opening up Pandora’s box and suddenly client secrets, ideas, and critical feedback come flying out. But most designers don’t use them. They either don’t think of it, don’t want to seem corporate, or are a bit afraid to hear the truth. But by not asking what your clients really think, or asking it in the right way, you’re missing out on huge opportunities. Huge opportunities that could be costing your business a lot, now, and in the future.

You need to know what your clients are really thinking, feeling, and worrying about. And you need to ask it in the right way. For your sake. And theirs. And yes it can be a bit nerve wrecking to find out what clients “really think” when you ask, what did we do wrong? What could we have done better? But it’s necessary.

And who really knows what it’s like to work with you? The good, the bad, and the awful? Only clients. So open Pandora’s box, and let the little gems of truth out. . 


If you’re wondering why you can’t just ask your clients what they think about working with you when you’re face to face, the answer is, you can! And you should be. But, a lot of designers don’t feel comfortable asking the really tough questions face to face, or know what those questions should be. And a lot of clients don’t feel comfortable answering. 

Enter, the survey. It creates an easy, comfortable, anonymous way for clients to give you the critical feedback you need to improve your business. Because if giving you feedback is too hard or too uncomfortable they’re unlikely to tell you the answers you really need to hear.

They may not want to tell you what they interpret as hurtful, but to you is the information that can take your business to the next level.  Maybe it’s that you need to reach out more during the ordering phase. Or that you need to refine your process to be more efficient. Or that they’d like to hear from you even after the project is over. 

Clients often hold the secret to your success. You need to find out what those secrets are. 

Surveys Can Mean More Profit & Revenue Streams

Or maybe? Maybe you find out something amazing. 

Like what? Well, maybe you find out that your clients think you charge too little for your services. Maybe they think you should be charging double what you’re charging now. Or that you should be charging for “extras” that you’re automatically including in each project. Although it may feel like clients are always looking to spend the lowest dollar, that’s not true. The good ones want to make sure you’re getting paid for all the value you bring. 

Or, maybe they even have a great idea for a new revenue stream or service you can provide that never even crossed your mind? Partnering with their landscape architect to create an incredible outdoor space. Or helping them throw a room reveal party to show off their gorgeous new space to all of their friends and family? 

Who knew that your clients could hold your next big idea in their hands? Well, your clients do. You just have to get them to share it with you. 


For the DIY survey, you’ll have the same high quality questions created just for you and your business goals, just like the Full Service Survey clients.

The only difference is that you’ll be responsible for setting up the survey, analyzing the results, and then deciding what actions to take.

So, it’s just a matter of how involved you want to be in the implementation and analysis portion of your survey. Here’s the steps.

     The DIY Process

1. Once you purchase the survey, you’ll immediately receive an email with the questionnaire link

2. Fill out the questionnaire

3. Within 3 days, you’ll receive:

– 10 questions created just for you and your needs that get your clients to respond honestly and with more than just a “yes” or “no”

– A “How To” for presenting the survey to your clients and the best process 

– Information on the best places to create a survey 



For the full service survey, you get to leave the hard work up to me. Your only job is to fill out the questionnaire and then send the survey link to your clients.

The beginning process also starts with filling out a questionnaire, but just like in design, it’s the implementation that’s the most work. So here’s how it will all happen.

Just please note that we ask you to send the survey to your clients within two weeks of us sending you the survey link. That way we can keep your business and its goals top of mind.

The Full Service Process

1. Once you purchase the survey, you’ll immediately receive an email with the questionnaire link

2. Fill out the questionnaire

3. Within 1 week, you’ll receive:

– a link to your completely customized Survey Monkey survey, complete with 10 questions created just for you and your design firm’s needs. Along with the information on how to send it out to clients.

4. You send the link to your clients

5. Two weeks after you’ve sent out the link, you’ll receive:

– a full report with your survey results

– an analysis of your results and what they mean

– a prioritized action plan for changes to make based upon your results.



1. Why do I only get 10 questions? 

Because if you ask too many questions, clients will abandon the survey halfway through. A quick 1 or 2 minute survey is the way to get real answers that actually get submitted. A 15 minute survey will leave with you very few responses. 

2. Which clients do I share this with?

We recommend sharing the survey with clients who have already completed a project with you, whether it be last week or a year ago. For clients in the middle of a project, it’s recommended that you ask questions face to face. And then send them this survey when their project is complete. 

3. When in my process do I share the survey going forward?

About two weeks after you’ve fully completed a design project with a client. Punch list done and all. 

4. Is this a survey that I can use over and over for years?

Absolutely! This isn’t just a survey for right now. The analysis and recommendations are a snapshot of your business right now. But, I highly recommend using the survey with every client going forward after your project has completed.

5. What kind of questions will you ask in the survey? 

The kind of questions that will be asked are a combination of those you want to know, and those known to get you the answers you need. They’re written in a way that will prompt honest feedback, rather than simple answers that don’t get you anywhere.

Leading questions like, “What could have made the experience of working with our design firm better?” rather than “How was your experience working with our firm?”

The first question with “What could have” causes the client to give you a real answer with ideas like “It would have been great to have a print out of your design process.” or “I would have liked if we were more able to talk to you, the designer, instead of only your assistant.”

The second question with “How was” causes them to answer “Fine.” or “Good.” or “Great!” which isn’t really helpful.

6. How Many Clients Do I Need to Send This To?

To get an accurate analysis, you’ll need at least 10 past clients to send this to. If you have more than that, even better. As the more responses, the more accurate the analysis will be and the more patterns can be spotted. 

7. Is the survey anonymous?

Yes, it’s better to leave the survey anonymous. If someone has “critical” feedback to provide, most people are hesitant to provide it when they also have to provide their name. They don’t want to hurt your feelings or sever any relationships, so they don’t say anything at all. But, as you know, that critical feedback is crucial. So in order to encourage the kind of real, honest feedback that could really push your business ahead, the survey is left anonymous.