How to Deliver a high end client experience, guest feature on “A well-designed business”

Featured as a guest on LuAnn Nigara’s podcast, A Well-Designed Business”, LuAnn & I discuss how to deliver the systems and processes, and luxuries, of a high end client experience. Listen above or click here to learn how to take your firm’s level of service to the next level. 

Featured as a guest on Kimberley Seldon’s podcast, “Business of Design”, Kimberley & I discuss how to make the holiday season one that your clients and employees will never forget with thoughtful gifts, experiences, and appreciation. Listen here to learn how to make gift giving fun again. 

Featured as a guest on Kate the Socialite’s podcast, “The Kate Show, Kate & I discuss how delivering a high end client experience is now a necessity in the interior design industry, how to overcome the fear that so many people have around working with a designer, and so much more! Click here to find out how to remain ahead of the design industry pack!

Featured as a guest on Michele William’s podcast, “Profit is a Choice”, Michele and I discuss how to really wow your clients with high end client service, how to design the kind of experience that’s memorable and repeatable, how to adjust it to whatever budget level you’re at, and so much more! Listen here to find out how to be the kind of design firm that clients really say “wow” to!

Featured as a guest on Michelle Binette’s podcast, “Real Talk Design” (previously named Business Homies Radio), Michelle and I discuss how delivering a killer client experience can improve your profits and efficiency as a designer. Listen here to start making changes that both you and your client will love.

Featured as a guest on The Wingnut Social podcast, Darla, Natalie, & I discuss what matters, what doesn’t, and what needs to be adjusted when it comes to the client experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen here to find out just how to make sure you and your clients feel comfortable moving forward together.